We are a well known firm of Certified Public Accountants, dealing with major foreign corporations in Singapore.

History, Awards & Appointments

1974 Commenced practice (Medora Tong and Chow).
1980 – 1984 We had 150 staff. Managing Partner of Touche Ross & Co. / Medora Tong + Chow.
1985 Commenced practice under J. K. Medora & Co.
1987 Appointed an inspector for audit failure of the largest corporate failure in Singapore.
1988 Mr Medora was the only non-Malaysian to be appointed by the Bank Negara in Malaysia to act as Receiver of a Co-operative Society with 37 branches, in Malaysia.The Chinese Press in Penang described our Receivership of this Co-operative as the best managed of all the Co-operatives in Malaysia.
1989 Awarded the Merit Award by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Singapore, for outstanding services to the Accounting profession and the Community at large.
1989 Co-Authored a book on “Tax Planning – Singapore”, which was a best seller.
1994 Appointed Justice of the Peace.
1995 to date Board of visiting Justices – Singapore Prisons.
1995 to 2006 Appointed to the Inquiry Committee of the Public Service Commission.
2003 to date Appointed a “Criminal Mediator” at the Subordinate Court. J K Medora specializes in forensic accounting, due diligence, insolvency and giving expert independent evidence in Court. Have acted for almost all the major financial institutions, in Singapore.